How did it start?
We are avid gamers, so being such we found there was vast amount of amazing gaming merchandise but a void in high-quality gaming lights. When looking online we could only find cheap, poor quality lighting which was not as alluring as it should or could be. That made us lean towards the neon lighting effects and its power to allure.
When you take a trip to Las Vegas or Bangkok you see how they make their market so captivating to their customers with the magic of lights. Gathering all our knowledge about the power of light made us realise how much we, as nerds, were missing out. Be it our favourite game, movie quote or song lyric, we could not find what we needed. Until now...
So this is how it started. 2020. The year where we thought we would never see light again, we started the brightest thing we could. Neon Nerd. We use LED Neon strips instead of traditional glass neon piping, offer hundreds of set designs and even create your very own ideas! We ship worldwide - all as a result of our smart supply chain - working with modern and innovative production facilities across the globe and, unlike some of our competitors, there is NO import tax on UK orders!!
What is the advantage of LED Neon over Glass Neon?
LED Neon signs produce relatively no heat and are more durable, energy-efficient and less expensive in comparison to the traditional glass tube neon lights.  They are more durable, unlike glass neon which can break if not transported correctly.
LED Neon signs function on a much safer voltage of 12V. As a result little heat will be generated even after long hours of usage. Neon LED is also cheaper to produce.
All in all, the main positive is the savings to you - the customer!